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Ana Maria Oleaga Biography, Amara La Negra’s Mother

Ana Maria Oleaga Biography


Ana Maria Oleaga Biography

Ana Maria Oleaga is the mother of American Hip-hop artist Aara La Negra. 

Now she is a well-known personality with more than 55 thousand followers on Instagram because of the name and fame earned by his only child Amara La Negra in the field of Singing and dancing as well as a TV host.

She was also a participant in Love & Hip Hop: Miami [ a reality show talking about the lives of hip-hop artists from the Miami area ], she also appeared as a supporting artist on the show.


Ana Maria Oleaga is a Dominican Republic black lady, who was born on May 23, 1960, in the Dominican Republic.

She married a person from the same Dominican Republic [ Name is currently not known ] and migrated to the Miami United States.

Since her partner is not currently with her so there is not much information about him but it is well known that her partner left her just after a few years of born of his only child Aara La Negra.

After she and her daughter were left alone by his partner, she started working and worked in many professions to manage their lives.

Currently, She also works as a cook in a restaurant in Miami.

Family and Relation

Ana’s partner left him a long ago sho she is now living with her only child Amara La Negra and has a very close relationship.

Amara La Negra, Ana’s Daughter, and their Relation 

Ana’s daughter’s original name is Diana Danelys De Los Santos, but everyone knows her by the name of Amara.

On October 4, 1990, Ana was blessed with Amara in Miami, Florida. Since childhood, Amara has been passionate about hip-hop music, acting, and singing, and Ana supported her in every situation to move forward.

Since Amara is black, she felt discrimination due to her color during her school days and Ana supported her morally, and later both together worked against these types of discrimination in society.

Ana is the only person behind the success of his daughter Amara, she grew her daughter and supported her to achieve a lot in her life at a young age.

Amara Career

Amara started his career at the age of 4, working in the Spanish language Television Programme and during the same period, she changed his name to Amara La Negra.

She started getting people’s attention after her solo song “Ayy” in 2013 and it was a super hit song in Latine America.

In 2018 she joined her mother in Love & Hip-Hop Miami and was one of the main cast of the show.

2019 was a golden year in Amara’s life, she released the “Unstoppable” studio album and appeared as the lead actress in Fall Girls, a Spanish Language movie. During the same year, she performed for many awards across the United States including the 2019 Hispanic Heritage Awards.

Amara has the strong supporting hand of her mother Ana and moves forward in her life unstoppably to achieve a lot more in the field of singing and acting.

Ana Maria Oleaga is now a well know lady, and she can be a role model for many such ladies who were left alone in their life, that anyone can achieve name and fame in their life with reasonable efforts in the right direction.

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