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Who is Ingrid Quinn? Boreanaz’s Ex-Wife Wik, Age, Net-worth, Divorced.


Ingrid Quinn

Ingrid Quinn came into limelight due to her husband David Boreanaz, who is famous actor and producer. She is a strong woman who respects her privacy and fights her issues to win without involving the herself in the fame. She has a brilliant fashion sense that is reflected in her physical posture.

Ingrid Quinn wikipedia –

Ingrid Quinn is an Irish American woman who belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and took birth in 1970, in the United States. She is from well-versed family background and that is represented by the way she carried herself as a decent social worker. She is like a closed book and that is the reason behind the vanish of her childhood, parents, hobbies, and other related information.


She performed her quality work in diverse organizations as a social worker before marriage. She met in an art gallery, the actor David Boreanaz of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the year 1994 and both started dating each other. Her husband was in his struggling period and got the support from her that he appreciated in an interview in the year 2010. The relationship went well so deeply that the knot of love was bound in the year 1997. She gifted him a silver Claddagh as an engagement ring.

Ingrid Quinn’s divorce:

She was a caring wife but possessive of the relationship and took the initiative to carry on as much as possible. Due to the rising marital issues, the strong relationship dipped down into a divorce after two and a half years of marriage. She was of 26 years when she got separated from the relationship.

Ingrid Quinn doesn’t have any children from her marriage. Her current status is also not clear as she is not active on social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Her net worth is $500,000, She is getting a sum amount as alimony from his ex-husband David.

Ingrid Quinn’s ex-husband:


 Ingrid Quinn

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Ingrid Quinn and her ex-husband David Boreanaz spent time together from dating, and marriage till the crucial relationship ending days also not less than five years. He is famous for his behavior as a wild man and the witnessed the banging of his Hollywood home of him with his roommate.

After the divorce got filled he as got angry at his ex-wife’s surprise visits to his privacy corners for investigation of character. He got the divorce in 1999 and started dating model Jamie Bergman for a year.

After his divorce, he proceeded with his career with regular TV schedules. Still, he tried to uplift his career with the encouragement from his current wife Jamie.

The couple got married on 24th November 2001 and they are still together with the bond.

He has two children from this marriage, a son(Jaden Rayne) and a daughter(Bardota Vita but changed to Bella later on). He has got popularity from post-Buff and Angel performances. His career took a shift with the new roles of Jason Hayes in the Seal team and FBI special agent Seeley Booth in Bones(2005 to 2017). Bones was a blessing for him on the Fox TV crime comedy-drama series.

He has got the dark side in the second marriage too with his habit of cheating and accepted also as he did in the case of Ingrid Quinn. Still, the marriage got to the corner and the issues were resolved with the mutual understanding of David and Jamie.

He is currently reflecting the image of United States Navy seal master chief warfare operator Jason Hayes (from 2017 till now).

Net worth :

His net worth from different sources as an actor, director, and producer income is $30 million.

Bottom Line:

The information is to present the exact scenario of Ingrid Quinn’s life. If you liked it, write your comment to encourage the other burning sensations.

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