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Is Tim Curry Gay? And is Tim Curry still alive? who is Tim curry wife

Is Tim Curry Gay

Is Tim Curry Gay

Is Tim Curry Gay? And is Tim Curry still alive? This is a very popular and frequently asked question among Tim’s fans. I know it sounds like a dumb question but fans are curious to know about his sexuality. So, we’ve done a lot of research and gathered information about Tim Curry, specifically about Tim’s sexuality. So, you can get your answer by reading the below article.

Before discussing whether Tim Curry is gay or not? Let us know why people asked this question or why this rumor is being spread.

Why do people ask about Tim’s sexuality?

Is Tim Curry Gay or Not? There are two reasons behind the rising of this question. The first reason is related to his relationship status and The second reason is related to his character, Frank N. Furter.

Tim Curry is a single guy and he has never been married so some people believe that he is gay but if you believe so then you are not a true fan of Tim because we cannot judge anyone on the basis of his relationship status or whether he is gay or not.

In “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, Tim played a cross-dressing mad scientist named Frank N Furter and people assumed he’s gay. But a question arises as to how we can judge someone’s sexuality based on its fictional character. 

Is Tim Curry Gay? 

During the research, we found a lot of websites and forums where fans of Tim were arguing on whether he is gay or not. But there was no clarity on this.

But here I am going to share the exact answer about his sexuality, According to IMDB, he is Straight, he is NOT A GAY. IMDB published an article where they listed celebrity names which people assumed As Gay But They Are Straight.

When asked about Tim’s sexuality in an interview, he said – “I don’t talk about who I’m fucking or whether I’m in love. It’s of paramount interest to me and very little interest to your readers. If it is of interest to them, then fuck ‘em.”

                                          — Tim Curry – ‘After Dark’ – March 1975

Is Tim Curry alive?

Tim suffered a major stroke in July of 2012. The illness severely affected his speech and mobility and he was confined to a wheelchair; to the surprise of many, his handler was surprisingly able to keep news of his stroke away from the media for 10 months.

But as news appears via London’s Daily Mail in May, in response to a flood of press questions, his agent Marcia Hurwitz confirmed that ‘Tim is doing great. He can speak at all and is recovering at the moment.

After his stroke, Tim has returned to work and has recorded several voice projects for Cartoon Network, including Over the Garden Wall. 

In 2016 Tim Fox appeared as a criminologist on the television program ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again’ and in 2020 reprised his role of Frank N Furter in a benefit reading of ‘The Rocky Horror Show. Since 2016, Tim has appeared at conventions to meet his fans and pose for photographs, and he continues to sign autographs for fans through The OC Celebrity Marketing.

Most people are confused about whether  Is Tim curry still alive. The answer is that he is alive and has returned to his work and is doing well.

Popular and frequently asked questions-

Tim curry’s net worth 

Tim Curry has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Tim curry gay

No, he is Straight.

What happened to Tim curry

In July 2012, Tim suffered a major stroke but is now well.

How old is Tim curry

Tim Curry is 75 years old

Tim curry wife? or  Is Tim curry married?

No. Tim has never been married.

Tim curry partner or Tim curry girlfriend

Tim is a remarkably private person and always has been. He may have a partner, but if so there is no public reference to him, either from Tim himself or from any other source.

how tall is Tim curry or Tim curry height 

1.75 m

Tim curry illness

Tim suffered a major stroke.

Is Tim curry alive?

Yes and doing well

Tim curry spouse

No, Tim Curry doesn’t have a life partner.

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