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ka Ho Cho: Redd Foxx’s wife Biography, Age, Kids & Networth

ka Ho Cho:Redd Foxx's wife

ka Ho Cho:Redd Foxx's wife

Ka ho Cho, one of the blessed celebrity’s life partner was worthy to be aside with him in his tough days of life while his house was seized by IRS. She has gained the spotlight as the fourth wife of the well-established American film actor, singer, and professional stand-up comic performer Redd Foxx.
As per her upbringing by her South Korean-based parents of Asian origin, she has got the administrative aura to get hold of her late husband’s assets.

Childhood graph and diversions in life

A speck of light as a child Ka ho Cho, took birth in the year 1959 in Seoul which is South Korea’s capital. she has dual citizenship from the united states as well as from the Republic of Korea. She has been raised with a strong personality and is predicted to have the correct education level from a recognized university. Her parents and siblings’ details are hidden as per the privacy level of her concern.

ka Ho Cho:Redd Foxx's wife

She met her future husband Redd Foxx in 1981 just after two years of his third divorce. They both met at Bally’s hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. They nurtured their relationship by several dating before binding the strong knot of marriage on October 11 in 1991 at Little Church of West in Las Vegas.

They even had the smart arrangement for their receipt ion in the Hacienda hotel. Ka ho Cho supported her husband as a true soul mate and that’s the reason he accepted the relationship in a positive mode in an interview with Jet magazine.
She is even not active on social media platforms due to her privacy-loving nature.

Ka ho cho’s husband’s personal corner

ka Ho Cho:Redd Foxx's wife

Redd Foxx took birth as John Elroy Sanford in St.Louis, Missouri on December 9 of the year 1922. He was even raised on Chicago’s South side afterward. His parents mingled parenting with a divided part of life.

His mother, who was a half Seminole Indian, and his father an electrician by profession took hold of the parenting responsibilities together till the period he was four. After that, his father left the family and his mother took the charge of his upbringing with his grandmother and his minister.

He did schooling at DuSable High school with future Chicago mayor Harold Washington. Further, he continued his life as a standup comedian and entertainer. He played diversified roles in :

  • The television show Sanford and Son (character of Fred G. Sanford was based on Redd’s brother name Fred Sanford).
  • He performed on more than 50 records and that’s why known as the king of party records.
  • He was also in The Redd Foxx Show and the Royal Family show.
  • His projects related to films may include the famous, Cotton Comes to Harlem in 1970, Norman Is that you? In 1976 with Harlem Nights in 1989. Even All The Fine Young Cannibals in 1960 was also on the list.

He had four marriages in his life that can be projected with the relationship duration as:

  • First wife Evelyn Killebrew(from 1948 to 1951 and then divorced)
  • Second marriage with Betty Jean Harris(from 1956 to 1975 followed by divorce)
  • Third wife Yun Chi Chung (from 1976 to 1981 and ended the relationship with a divorce at last)
  • The last and final marriage with Ka ho Cho (in 1991 till his death).

He died on the set of Royal filming arrangement due to a heart attack on October 11, 1991, at the age of 68 in Los Angeles in California, U.S just after three months of his fourth marriage with Ka ho Cho. He got buried at Palm Memorial Park in Las Vegas. Even his mother Mary Sanford Carson lived for two years more and then after death, she was also buried beside her son there.

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Continued responsibility of Ka ho cho

Ka ho Cho’s husband Redd Foxx doesn’t have any children via his relationships or marriages. So, he adopted Debraca Denise who is the daughter of his second wife Betty Jean Harris and a person from her prior relationship.

Debraca Denise and her stepmother Ka ho Cho have conflicts in redd’s mansion as she thinks that she can manage her husband’s financial issues perfectly as his better half.

This happened because Ka ho Cho caught debraca misusing her father’s money instead of clearing the bills of Foxx. She has filed a case against her for that.

Ka ho Cho’s net worth

Redd was owing $3.5 million at the time of his death and it can be transferred to her net worth count to date.
Bottom Line
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