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Holden Fletcher Fraser: Brendan Fraser’s Son Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth


Holden Fletcher Fraser

A star kid fortunate enough to proceed with his educational ground to build a successful career like his parents. Holden Fletcher Fraser has been raised under the single shed of both their parents till 11 years and the consequences divided the assembly into two. Father Brendan Fraser and mother Afton Smith have marked their presence in the Film Industry with memorable performances. Holden is inspired by his parent to build up the future infrastructure.

Childhood plotting and Education

Holden Fletcher Fraser was born on 16th August in the year 2004 in the beautiful environment of the United States. Despite other kids, he is blessed with the worthy economical background to support a comfortable lifestyle from his childhood.

Holden Fletcher Fraser
His mother Afton Smith and father Brendan Fraser met on a reality show named Reality Bites in the year 1997 and the dating took a long time to confirm the strong bond of engagement and got married in the year 1998 finally. The relationship gave the origin to three new lives of their kids Holden fletcher Fraser, Griffin Arthur Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser. They all are the reflection of their parents through appearance and style. But unfortunately, the marriage could not survive for too long and they both got divorced in 2008.
As per the court order, Holden Fletcher Fraser’s father needs to submit $900K annually for taking care of all three kids. After the request on the decision, the court came to the conclusion amount of $ 50K monthly and $300 K annually. This became a great support for the family of a mother and the kids.
He is now a young boy of 18 years and completing his schooling at a reputed institution in his hometown by the talented traits of his parents and their guidance.

Holden Fletcher Fraser‘s Parents

Both the parents were dedicated, focused, and hardworking towards their future.

Holden Fletcher Fraser


Father Brendan Fraser also called Brendan James Fraser is a Canadian –American actor. In the year 2003, his father got media attention with the allegation of groping by the president of HFPA Philipsburg. He was thrilled and that has affected the trajectory of his acting career.
He has shown the best acting performance in the lead roles of Airheads in 1994, and Dudley Do-Right in 1999. He gets the journey from 1999 to 2008 as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy film series. Pleasure watching Monkeybone of the year 2001, Inkheart, of 2008, and Vengeance of the year 2010. He was famous for Geoge of the Jungle, The quiet American, and Encino Man.
He is famous for his role in the film ‘Crash’ and the actor is of 53 years handsome man who was born in Indianapolis on 3rd December 1968 as a blessed child of Carol Mary(mother) and Peter Fraser(father).

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Mother Afton Smith is an American actress who was born on 3rd December 1967. She is in Greenwich with her all three children. Before the reality show, she had a formal introduction at the Winona Ryder’s Barbecue party on 4th July 1993. She entered the acting career as Kim in the crime drama movie ‘Less Than the Zero’in year 1987. She was also part of the television movie ‘Once Again’and continued working in Fried Green Tomatoes, Reality Bites, A Reason To Believe, and George of the jungle. And now looking after her kid’s career to get furnished.

Career Ahead

Holden Fletcher Fraser is a young boy and under the age to become an actor but he is bearing the traits of his amazing parents to get the floor to bang on by birth. He will mark his presence in the industry. Right now he is focused on his study. He is not an active user of social media but has a private account on Instagram.

Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Net worth

He has still not entered the professional world due to his studies and age. But his father has a net worth of $20 million and his mother has $175 million approx.
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