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Who is Lane Shefter Bishop? Wiki, Vast Entertainment

Lane Shefter Bishop

Lane Shefter Bishop

Lane Shefter Bishop is the founder and CEO of Vast Entertainment, an Emmy Award-winning director and TV and film producer known for her focus on book-to-screen adaptations.

Lane has been in the film industry for a few decades, she is known for films like Assassination Games(2011), The DUFF(2015), and Desperate Widows which were released in March 2021. She is also the author of the book Sell Your Story in a Single Sentence: Advice from the Front Lines of Hollywood. 

Lane Shefter Bishop wiki –

Lane Shafter Bishop completed her BA in Literature from UC Santa Barbara. He then attended the USC School of Cinema/Television for an MFA in Production.

Lane Shafter Bishop has always been interested in this entertainment sector since she was a young child. She started her career as an actress in small commercials and then as she grew older she realized that her real love was directing, so she made her move to a theater director.

After entering the entertainment industry as a theater director, Bishop realized how hard the industry really is for women. This is changing now, but the time she started her career as a director. it was really hard for a female to get work.

Lane sees his name as an advantage because in an interview with Lit to Lens Podcast she said”I got lucky sometimes because my name lane doesn’t really tell you that I’m a girl so I got to a lot of rooms where you know you walk in and it’s very clear they thought you were going to be a guy or whatever”.

After doing theater for some time, she went to USC Film School. And he realized that it was much better to produce than to direct. Because in theater you basically have to do your work but as a producer, you have a chance to create your own work. 

she started producing to just make my own work and she discovered that she could actually combine books and movies so in 2008 she started to do, she started to create a book to screen.

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lane’s award and achievement –

Lane Shefter Bishop is a multi-award-winning producer-director who has received numerous awards for his work, including an EMMY, six Telly Awards, a Videographer Award, three Communicator Awards, a Sherrill C. Corwin Award, an Aurora Award, and a Dewey Award. A New York Festival Award, and a DGA Fellowship Award for Episodic Television.

Films and TV series produced, written, and directed by Lane-

Lane has produced The Duff for CBS Films and several films such as Lionsgate, Desperate Widow, and Assassination Games. The best part is that all the movies are based on books.

In addition, he also produced several TV series such as The Brain Trust for NBC, Confessions of a Sociopath for Universal Cable Productions, and The Forgetting for Netflix.

She is also the author, producer, and director of several TV movies, including Her Every Move, Blood Sweat & Lies, The Choking Game, Wicked Moms Club Her Secret Marriage, and Brother Honor.


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