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Liam Costner (Kevin Costner’s son): Biography, Age, Mother, Net worth


Liam Costner

Some people become celebrities on the strength of hard work, and some people become celebrities because of being relatives of that celebrity. Liam Costner is one of them. He is the son of famous Hollywood personality Kevin Costner, and his mother is also a renowned actress named Bridget Rooney. So that’s why he is in the limelight since childhood because of his celebrity parents.

Kevin Costner’s son Liam Costner’s bio –

Who is Liam Costner? Liam was born on 15 October 1996 in the United States of America, and his full name is Liam Timothy Costner. He belongs to mixed ethnicity and holds the nationality of the USA. And he completed his graduation from Oxbridge Academy.

I already told you, that Liam Costner is the son of Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney. And both are celebrities. His father is known as a popular actor, director, and producer. And his mother is known for working in ‘Zombie or Not Zombie.’

Liam Rooney Costner Photo (Liam Costner Pictures) –

Liam Rooney Costner

Liam Parents –

After his divorce with first wife Cindy Silva, Liam’s father dated many beautiful women in his life. Bridget Rooney was one of them. Liam’s father dated his mother Bridget Rooney for almost three years. and they shared a beautiful kid as Liam Costner, Thus Kevin become the father of the fourth child. but Kevin and Bridget never married.

Paternity Test –

In their relationship, when Bridget was pregnant with Liam, Kevin did not believe that Liam was their son, and he sought a paternity test but reports proved that Kevin is Liam’s biological father. Kevin then created a trust fund for Liam’s secure future.

Siblings –

Liam Costner’s father married two women named Cindy Silva and Christine Baumgartner. That’s why he has a lot of half-siblings. 

He has three older half-siblings named Annie, Lily, and Joseph from his father’s first marriage with Cindy Silva. And his half-sister Lily is an American actress, and Annie Costner is a film producer. And his half-brother Joe Costner is also an American actor.

He also has three younger half-siblings from his father’s second marriage with Christine Baumgartner, named Cayden Wyatt, Hayes Logan Costner, and Avery Costner.

Liam Costner’s half-brother Cayden Wyatt Costner was born in 2007, and Hayes Logan Costner was born in 2009, and Liam’s younger sister Avery Costner was born in 2010.

 Liam Costner Dating –

he is a billionaire’s son and a very handsome guy, so there is no doubt that many girls must have fallen in love with him, But his personal information is still private and out of reach of the media.

But in 2021, there is a rumor with Belle Moore that Belle is the girl Liam is dating, but as I already told you that his personal information is private and, there is no official confirmation about it, so I am not sure about it.

Some sources have revealed that Liam Costner is currently focusing on his career, but it is unclear whether he will follow in his father’s footsteps.

 Liam Costner’s Father(Kevin Costner) –

Liam Costner’s father Kevin Costner is a highly paid actor, and he is also a film producer. he won several awards such as Academy Award, Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Award, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. He is a very successful personality in the Hollywood industry.

Some latest movies in which Kevin has starred are Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Hurt Business and Molly’s Game, The Untouchables, and Dances with Wolves.

Liam Costner’s Step-Father(Bill Koch) ~

After breaking up with Kevin Costner, Liam’s mother Bridget Rooney married billionaire Bill Koch in 2005 and moved into the Koch family. But surprisingly, Liam’s stepfather Bill Koch is 22 years older than his mother. If we talk about Bill Koch’s wealth, then as of 2021, Bill’s net worth is $ 1.7 billion.

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